Penggunaan PLC dan HMI dalam Simulasi Kendali Ketinggian Air

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Ibnu Hajar
Dhami Johar Damiri
Meyhart Torsna Bangkit Sitorus


Water level control is applicated in many at several industrial processing such as water dam, petrochemical proses plant, pharmacy and food processing, overhead tank, waste processing, electricity plant, etc. This research analyse simulation and a needed components for automatically level control system implementation using programmable logic controller (PLC). Water level control using PLC is designed to control water level and prevent waste the water from a tank. PLC is one of devices of automated controller which mostly used. Use of PLCs in industries are indispensable to control parameters which required high precision. In this research study water level control system using PLC as primary controller and human machine interface (HMI) as remote controller that could visualise state of a system work (plant) in real time on computer screen and could gather field data as well. Main device for this research is Omron PLC CP2E type and touchscreen HMI Omron. From the result of diagram ladder and HMI design is got the system run well. The application from this research could be learning media in the system control laboratory for the subject of industrial control system and the others, related to it.

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