Sistem Deteksi Kejernihan Air dengan Menggunakan LoRa

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Tasdik Darmana
Muchammad Nur Qosim
Syarif Nur Hidayat
Ariman Ariman


This study was conducted to make it easier to detect water turbidity in locations far from telecommunications facilities and information can be received quickly. Based on these conditions, tests are carried out to detect the level of turbidity of water that is in a remote location and is not reached by telecommunications networks. To test the turbidity level of water, a turbidity sensor of the SEN0189 type with a LoRa Shield frequency of 915MHz is used. The test results showed that, testing when the water flowed affects the turbidity value which is increasing. The change in the increase was quite significant, especially in water with a high turbidity level from 3.47 to 7.66 NTU, while for clear water, there was no significant change, from 0.73 to 0.81 NTU and a data transmission time of about 2 seconds, with the farthest distance of 2240 meters LOS and a LoRa height of 44 meters and an RSSI of -109 dBm 

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