Pengujian Tegangan Tembus Pada Minyak Kemiri Sebagai Alternatif Isolasi Cair Minyak Trafo

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Samsurizal Samsurizal
Andi Andi Makkulau
Rio Afrianda
Putu Putu Deby
Siti Amaliatu Zahra


Some oil insulating materials must withstand dielectric breakdown voltages, and some oil coolers for transformers must be able to reduce the heat generated, said to protect against interference. Based on information received in several newspapers by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, it is stated that Indonesia's oil reserves will run out in 9.5 years, assuming there are no new reserves. There are several types of vegetable oil that can be used as an alternative material for liquid insulation. Referring to the standard SPLN 49-1:1982 that a good transformer oil breakdown voltage is to have a breakdown voltage above 30 kV/2.5 mm. In this study, a test was conducted on candlenut oil as an alternative to liquid insulation of transformer oil. The method used in this test is a direct test method using the Baur Oil Tester DPA test kit. The study used candlenut oil by conducting 6 tests, using ball electrodes for measuring the breakdown voltage of transformer oil, at a distance of 2.5 mm between electrodes with a temperature of 280C. The test results obtained an average breakdown voltage of 14 kV in candlenut oil. So it can be said that based on the results of the initial test by looking at and paying attention to the breakdown voltage value and based on the SPLN 49-1:1982 standard which was carried out that candlenut oil has a poor breakdown voltage because its value is below the existing standard, it means candlenut oil is not yet possible to be used as oil. castor oil as an alternative to transformer oil. 

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