Kajian Dengan Assesment Komponen PLTS Rooftop Kapasitas 34,5 kWp

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Nurmiati Pasra
Heri Suyanto
Kartika Tresya Mauriraya


Indonesia has a considerable reserve of environmentally friendly new/ renewable energy sources. One of them is sunlight. However, the utilization of new/renewable energy sources is still relatively small. For this reason, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has made a target that by 2025 the use of new/renewable energy in Indonesia will reach 25% of the energy mix. The policy is known as the 25/25 vision. The vastness of the roof makes it possible to become a large-scale solar power plant site so that the opportunity to provide electricity sourced from renewable energy is very large in urban environments. As an effort to realize the 25/25 vision in this case, the team made a research on the Analysis of the 37 kWp Capacity Solar Power Plant Configuration System in the Implementation of Load Supply at PT. Voksel Electric, Tbk. With the aim of analyzing the configuration of the rooftop solar power plant system in a capacity of 34.5 kWp and knowing how the potential of Solar Irradiation, the pattern of electrical energy consumption, technical and optimization aspects, economic and social aspects is appropriate and appropriate. Although there is a potential for the implementation of solar rooftop grid systems already exist, accurate information related to the aspects stated is not yet available specifically for a company. Therefore, an in-depth study of the Optimization Study with the Assessment of Rooftop Solar Power Plant Components with a Capacity of 34.5 kWp at PT. Voksel Electrical, Tbk really needs to be done.

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