Information Retrieval pada Dokumen Berbasis Teks Menggunakan Algoritma Boyer Moore

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Yudhi Setyo Purwanto
M Farid Rifai
Hendra Jatnika


Language Development Center (LDC) is a language laboratory that annually serves more than 1000 participants in activities such as standardized tests and language courses for students and lecturers. This activity generates a lot of data, such as certificates. Certificate authenticity becomes important when the academic counsellor needs to validate those certificates for various purposes, such as the thesis defense registration. Therefore, this research was made with the aim of creating a system so that the certificate authentication process can be done quickly and accurately using a web-based system. In designing and building this system, the writers implement the Boyer Moore algorithm in the data search process. Boyer Moore algorithm helps the data search process more effectively and can search for words in several text-based files at once. The result of this research is a web-based data management information system that ensures the data security and integration, as well as the speed and efficiency of data access processes. The algorithm provides accuracy and effectiveness in data retrieval process. From the users' perspective, this system also reduces the time and energy used and save operational costs.

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Purwanto, Y., Rifai, M., & Jatnika, H. (2023). Information Retrieval pada Dokumen Berbasis Teks Menggunakan Algoritma Boyer Moore. PROSIDING-SNEKTI, 3(Tahun). Retrieved from