Aplikasi Game Edukasi Tarian Adat Daerah Sumba Timur Berbasis Android

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Yustina Rada
Pingky Alfa Ray Leo Lede


Culture is a way of life that is owned by a group of people that can be passed down from generation to generation. Indonesia is an archipelagic country that is rich in a variety of different and unique cultures. With this uniqueness, various cultures are created with a variety of uniqueness of each. The island of Sumba, especially East Sumba, is rich in culture, one of which is dance. But along with the continuous development of the era, Sumba culture is still not well known by the wider community, especially the people of Sumba themselves. The purpose of the research is to serve as a learning medium about regional dances in East Sumba and can be used as a provision for the community to know more about regional dances correctly. Because of this, in this study an Android-based educational game application for East Sumba regional dances was made with the aim of being able to help the Sumba community, especially school children, to get to know Sumba culture better. The research method used is the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) waterfall method, in which this model is a research that has the characteristics of working on each phase in the waterfall, which must be completed before proceeding to the next phase. The tools used in the analysis process are Flowcharts and Unified Modeling Language. The software used is the Java programming language, the Android Studio Editor. The resulting application was made to help the community, especially school children, learn and recognize East Sumba regional dances.

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