Augmented Reality Dengan Marker Based Tracking Untuk Pengenalan Hidroponik

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Yasni Djamain
Rizqia Cahyaningtyas
Luqman Luqman
I G Bagus Verdhi Vidyasthana


In the field of education Augmented reality  technology is used to support the learning process in order to create an interactive and fun atmosphere. Augmented reality  (AR) is an interactive technology that combines real and virtual objects to produce a 3D object that is displayed on the screen. Augmented reality  (AR) can be implemented based on the detection of images or images commonly referred to as the Marker Based Tracking method. By pointing the camera at the printed image or marker. Augmented reality  technology can be applied in a 3D hydroponic plant learning system by displaying objects in the form of plant types, systems, and planting media. Markers detected by the camera will display 3D objects from hydroponic plants, systems, and growing media so that this application can observe hydroponic objects in real time. This multimedia development uses Unity 3D and Blender software.

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Djamain, Y., Cahyaningtyas, R., Luqman, L., & Vidyasthana, I. G. B. (2023). Augmented Reality Dengan Marker Based Tracking Untuk Pengenalan Hidroponik. PROSIDING-SNEKTI, 3(Tahun). Retrieved from