Implementasi Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Mikrohidro Di Kampung Gadog Desa Sukamahi Cianjur

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Andi Junaidi
Sugeng Purwanto
Hasna Satya Dini
Sofitri Rahayu
Pawenary Pawenary
Rudina Okvasari


The implementation of this Micro Hydro Power Plant is motivated by the act of rotating electricity blackouts that are often carried out by PLN Bogor, especially at night, causing community activities to be disrupted due to the lack of electricity supply. Therefore, it is necessary to provide new alternative energy sources, such as Micro-hydro Power Plant, which is a new alternative energy source that uses inexhaustible natural resources, namely water. Availability of water in Kp. Gadog is very abundant, both in the rainy season and in the dry season so that the construction is very appropriate to be carried out in this village in order to overcome the shortage of electricity supply. This research is focused on the construction of a micro hydro using a Kaplan turbine to turn a generator with a capacity of 3 kW. The rotation of the turbine will generate electricity from a generator which is then used to supply electrical power to the residents of Kp. Gadog. The voltage and current generated by the generator depend on the rotation produced by the turbine so that the regulation of water flow is very important. With the construction of a Micro Hydro Power Plant it can overcome various problems and problems with the availability of electrical energy in the community.

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Junaidi, A., Purwanto, S., Dini, H., Rahayu, S., Pawenary, P., & Okvasari, R. (2023). Implementasi Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Mikrohidro Di Kampung Gadog Desa Sukamahi Cianjur. PROSIDING-SNEKTI, 3(Tahun). Retrieved from