Implementasi Teknologi Informasi Dan Pelatihan Pengelolaan Website Di SMAN 3 Garut

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Hendra Jatnika
M. Farid Rifai
Yudhi S. Purwanto
Sely Karmila
Yessy Fitriani
Dine Tiara Kusuma
M Yoga Distra Sudirman


Public Senior High School (SMAN) 3 Garut is a school that has two areas of expertise competence, namely: science and social studies. This high school which was founded in 1965 accommodates around 1485 students (36 study groups), 68 teachers who teach 75 subjects, 27 classrooms, and other facilities. The activities of the Teaching and Learning Group were also assisted by 23 school administrators. Based on the results of initial interviews with the principal and several teaching staff, the management of the potential of the school, especially in the form of providing information digitally, cannot be categorized as good, because: 1) the management system is simple, and still uses conventional and manual methods, especially for information of school activities and public facilities; and 2) The form of promotion and registration for entering high school still uses manual methods so that it affects administrative and financial management. These things cause the development of the school is disrupted and in the end, become undeveloped. The potential for school development can be seen from several perspectives/aspects, which include: 1) Development of promotion patterns to attract interest, not only students, but also investors; 2) Development and use of websites as a means of disseminating school information; and 3) expansion of coordination and cooperation network. The solutions offered are: 1) creating a special website for high school and its various developments containing information on education, activities, and other fields; and 2) providing training on website management as a means of supporting the dissemination of information and a forum for school coordination. 

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