Analisis Efek Bayangan Terhadap Keluaran Daya pada Panel Surya

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Septianissa Azzahra
Zainal Arifin
Hastuti Azis


Shading is one of the conditions that gives impact to the performance of a solar panel. Shading can be caused by some reasons e.g. weather conditions (sunny day) or any object(s) exists around the solar panels (trees, humans, or other objects) that covers the solar panel to get the maximum amount of irradiation from the sun. If there is only a slight amount of shadow covering the surface of the module caused from a tree branch and other shadow sources, the solar panels will experience a significant decline of its power output this occurs because solar panels consists of a solar cells which connected in series[1][2]. In different condition when more areas of the solar panels shading from direct sun then the power output of the solar panels will become smaller and smaller[3-5]. In this study, testing will be carried out on the power output of polycrystalline and monocrystalline 300 Wp solar panels with 4 test scenarios, namely normal conditions, shadows due to buildings (25% irradiance reduction), shadows due to weather (90% irradiance reduction) and shadows due to trees (50% irradiance reduction). And from the research that has been done, there is a decrease in power output in both types of solar panels, which is an average of 35% of normal conditions.

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