Pembangunan Mck Dan Tempat Wudhu Di Pesantren Nurul Iman Al – Barkah Sinarmukti Kabupaten Serang Banten

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Desi Putri
Abdul Rokhman
Sriyono D Siswoyo
Yulisya Zuriatni
Wisnu Haryanto
Darma Rusjdi


Infrastructure is a facility that indirectly supports the process of education or teaching. Pondok Pesantren is a traditional educational institution where all students live together and study under the guidance of a teacher who is commonly known as a Kyai and has a dormitory as a place for students to stay. The Pondok Pesantren Education System has been proven to give birth to generations of warriors, scholars, and national leaders who are assets of Muslims. One of the keys is coaching and galvanizing which is carried out continuously for 24 hours. Therefore, the Islamic boarding school education system must be developed and perpetuated in accordance with the demands of the times. And to realize this intention, the facilities and infrastructure must be available to support its implementation. Currently, Pondok Pesantren Nurul Iman Al – Barkah Sinarmukti Serang is constructing facilities including a prayer room, male and female dormitories, classrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining room, and a secretarial office with a construction target of reaching 2 floors. In development adjusting to the availability of funds so that not all facilities are available. Seeing these conditions, in order to complete the facilities of the Nurul Iman Al – Barkah Sinarmukti Islamic Boarding School, a toilet and ablution area were built which could be used by female and female students to carry out activities such as bathing, washing, defecating or urinating and a place for ablution.

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