Sistem Pakar Diagnosa Penyakit Mata Menggunakan Natural Language Processing

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Swara Teguh Herawan
Yulia Wahyuningsih
Alfiando Widjaja


The eye is one of the five senses which functions as a sense of sight, especially the human eye. If the eye is irritated or irritated and is not treated immediately, it can cause serious injury to blindness. Therefore it is important to maintain good eye health in order to avoid various dangerous eye diseases. With this, a study is carried out that utilizes an expert system as a tool to detect or diagnose eye diseases that work by studying how the system thinks like an expert to solve problems. The expert system itself is divided into 2 parts, including the development environment which is used as an expert system builder either from the component or knowledge base, the second is the consulting environment which is used by people who are not experts and are about to be consulted. This expert system discusses how the system can detect eye disease in humans. This expert system was created using the Certainty Factor method which is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with interactions between computers and humans using natural language. In supporting the workings of the expert system with the Certainty Factor method, there is a website-based application as a testing tool that will be made using the HTML 5 programming language for the user interface and PHPMyadmin as a knowledge database processor. The results of this study are very helpful in diagnosing eye disease from the start, where in terms of expert system learning with the website-based Certainty Factor method everyone can anticipate eye disease symptoms earlier before they get worse. 

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