Optimasi Sudut Optimum Panel Surya Dengan Perangkat Lunak Pv Syst

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Muhammad Alaikal Huda
Andi Makkulau
Miftahul Fikri
Samsurizal Samsurizal


In optimizing the solar intensity that solar panels receive, system design optimization requires the most suitable angle of inclination of the solar panels to receive the highest solar radiation. This research was conducted to determine the highest radiation intensity when changing the angle of inclination of solar panels at the PLN Institute of Technology using PV Syst software. The research methodology used in this study is observation and experimentation, specifically direct testing of the influence of an experimental variable, namely changes in the angle of inclination, with certain variations starting from 0° to 65° with variations in the difference every 5°. Data on the results of direct testing at the best angle of 35° are then obtained, and tests are then contrasted using PV syst software. The results obtained in the simulation with the software make it possible to obtain different angles of inclination for each period. The 30° to 35° tilt angle for April to September captures 973 kWh/m2 of radiation, the 0° to 10° inclination angle for October to March captures 854 kWh/m2 of radiation, while the inclination angle from 10° to 13° in one year with an irradiation yield of 1769 kWh/m2.

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Huda, M., Makkulau, A., Fikri, M., & Samsurizal, S. (2023). Optimasi Sudut Optimum Panel Surya Dengan Perangkat Lunak Pv Syst. PROSIDING-SNEKTI, 3(Tahun). Retrieved from https://aperti.e-journal.id/snekti/article/view/261