Pendampingan & Pelatihan Sistem Informasi Manajemen Data Rukun Tetangga Lingkup Rw 016 Desa Duren Jaya Bekasi

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Yessy Asri
Dwina Kuswardani
Emilia Emilia
Widya Nita Suliyant
M. Jafar Ely
Max Teja Ajie C. W


Currently, most of the people in the village development use information technology facilities and infrastructure. Under the supervision of Hamlet (RW), this community service focuses on data management information system assistance and training for Neighbourhood (RT) 016 Duren Jaya, an urban village in Bekasi City. The information system was built to provide comfort in the handling and management of citizen data. Duren Jaya urban village has 19 hamlets with a total of 200 neighbourhoods. The hamlets that are used as community service partners are 16 hamlets and 13 neighbourhoods, respectively. During field observations, the team found several problems in the management of citizen data. The Community Service Team has carried out socialization and training on the use of the data management information system application (SIMDA), which took place in the residential areas of Bunga Raya, Duren Jaya, and Bekasi from July 18 to 19, 2022. This activity was attended by the chief of 016 Hamlet and several other chiefs and administrators from 01 to 013 hamlets. In general, the neighbourhood administrators in 016 hamlet Duren Jaya were satisfied with what was presented by the PKM FTEN team, ITPLN. They hope that this system will not just stop here but will continue to develop to accommodate the needs of neighbourhoods outside the Bunga Raya residential area. All the suggestions, inputs, and hopes of the administrators' neighbourhood are important notes for the PKM team to evaluate and improve the system so that they can provide the best contribution and solutions, especially those related to citizen data management in neighbourhood and hamlet environments, not only in Duren Jaya but also in other territories.

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